Who are we?

BusyBodies Dance Company, Incorporated was founded in March 2015 by Krissy "Coach Kris" Byas. Prior to 2015, Coach Kris was trained by Dari Pennino Dance Academy in LA and was an original member of the New Orleans Ballet Association Children Dance Ensemble. She has a minor in Dance from University of New Orleans, was employed by Jefferson Parish as a cheer and dance coach for 2 years, directed a large child and adult liturgical dance ministry for 8 years in TN, is the former director of Praise Unlimited Dance Company in TN, and the former owner of Like David Lyrical in LA.  

Our dancers are 2-17 years old. We offer beginner acro, hip hop, parade, ballet, technique, tap, and African dance lessons. We've been featured in Holla Cheer and Dance Magazine (Fall 2015 and September 2018 issues), won a host of community awards, and are supported by several prominent local businesses.

BusyBodies’ goal is to provide quality dance instruction in a disciplined environment, encouraging artistic grace and strong technique. We aspire to bring out the best in each student who comes through our door!

BusyBodies dancers perform in Mardi Gras and other holiday parades in and out of the city of New Orleans, LA. We also perform at sporting events, festivals, and other events. Some of our dancers also compete in majorette competitions.  

BusyBodies Dance Company hosts an annual dance recital and a bi-annual showcase. Our dancers participate in community service projects, such as performing at charity events and large fundraisers and feeding less fortunate families on Thanksgiving.

BusyBodies offers mentoring through dance. Through dance, our young ladies strengthen self-esteem, learn life lessons, establish positive body images, learn team-building skills, and build healthy peer relationships. Through dance, our young ladies learn leadership skills, improve or maintain academic success, and learn how to problem solve.

While our competitors charge a fee of (on average) $50 per class, BusyBodies Dance Company charges a monthly flat rate at a fraction of that cost for the same services. This allows more children “The Chance To Dance “. Our belief is that the benefits of dance arts are not to be reserved for some families and not others.

Whether it's a halftime field show, Mardi Gras parade, competition, dance recital... BusyBodies Dance Company is guaranteed to surpass your expectations.